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Your City Councilmembers

777 săn xe tăngThere are 9 City Councilmembers:

  • Positions 1 through 7 are elected by, and represent, constituents in their City Council districts.
  • Positions 8 and 9 are at-large. This means they are elected by, and represent, the entire city.

Current councilmembers are listed below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When did district elections go into effect?
A: Voters approved in the November 5, 2013 General And Special Election. The 2015 election was the first election conducted by district. Candidates seeking election to the seven district seats needed to have been a resident of the district for at least 120 days before they filed their declaration of candidacy.
Q: What are Councilmembers' terms of office?
A: Councilmembers serve four-year terms.

Positions 8 and 9, the at-large positions, are on the same election cycle as the Mayor and City Attorney.

Positions 1 through 7 are elected two years later.

View all elected officials' terms of office.
Q: How were Councilmember election cycles established?
A: In 2015:
  • All nine Council seats were up for election as the transition to the district system went into place.
  • The seven district Councilmembers were elected to four-year terms.
  • The two at-large Councilmembers were elected to two-year terms.
In 2017:

  • The two at-large Councilmembers were elected to four-year terms.
  • The at-large Council positions are now on the same election cycle as the Mayor and City Attorney.
Q: How were the district boundaries drawn?
A:  included the district boundaries in the initiative, which were based on population/census tracts.
Q: When will boundaries be redrawn and how?
A: As established by the voter-approved changes to the , in the fall of 2022 and every ten years after that, a five-member Districting Commission will be created to redraw the district boundaries (its members will be appointed by the Mayor and the City Council). To the extent practical, the redrawn district boundaries shall follow existing district boundaries, recognized waterways and geographic boundaries, and Seattle communities and neighborhoods.
Q: If I want to run for Seattle City Council, what do I need to do?
A: Seattle residents interested in running for City Council should visit the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission's and contact the Campaign Finance and Training staff early in their decision-making process to discuss campaign finance reporting obligations.

In order to appear on the ballot, candidates must . Payment of the filing fee or signatures submitted in lieu of the filing fee must be submitted with the Declaration of Candidacy. For additional information on this process, please .