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If your inquiry is related to an issue that resulted in damages for which you believe the City is responsible and you would like to file a claim, please visit the Filing a Damage Claim website777 săn xe tăng for more information and the required claim form.

Popular Services

Animals and pets
Report concerns about noisy animals, leash violations and removal of animal remains.
| More info

Clogged drains
Report a blocked or clogged storm drain.

Damaged sidewalks
Report a sidewalk safety issue.
| More info

Illegal dumping/needles
Report illegal dumping or used needles for removal from public property.
| More info about illegal dumping

Also see guidance for reporting discarded needes, syringes and other sharps.

Junk storage
Report junk storage on private property.
| More info

Overgrown vegetation in the right of way
Report overgrown plants and trees in the public right of way.

Overgrown vegetation on private property
Report weeds and vegetation on private property overgrown onto any public right of way.
| More info

Report a pothole.
| More info

Property or buildings
Report a building, land use or environmental code violation.
| More info

Signals and signs
Report a damaged sign or a traffic signal that is not working.

Unauthorized encampments
Report an unauthorized encampment.
| More info about unauthorized encampments

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Updated: 11/13/2012